Welcome to the CodeGenClipse project

This project leverages the Eclipse platform (v3.1.2 and v3.2) and the Java (v1.5+) by adding IDE support for code generation tools. Initially, the end-user support is focused on support for the Jostraca code generator. In the future, the aim is to provide support for multiple code generation tools.

Note: You can find additional information about these plugins, code generation, jostraca and more at the blog Software Development & Beyond.

Plugins provided by this project.

The CodeGenJostraca plugin

This plugin allows programmers using eclipse to create, edit and run Jostraca templates within the eclipse IDE. The Jostraca templates uses the Java Server Pages syntax . However this syntax can be used with multiple languages, including Java, Perl, Python, Ruby etc. The output can be of any (textual) type including new source files for the project. For additional information about the Jostraca code generator see here. For more information about code generation in general see here.

See below for a list of the key features - For a full feature list refer to the integrated eclipse help documentation (available once the plugin is installed).

Main feature: A jostraca aware editor with a fully integrated (incremental) jostraca builder:

Feature: New template file wizards:

Feature: Integrated help:

Feature: Template settings on project, folder or template-files:

Install / Update site information

The CodeGenJostraca plugin can be installed from one of the following updatesites using the standard eclipse software update manager. One of the following update sites can be used:

If you can't get these URLs to work, you can also download a ZIP file containing the update site from sourceforge and install using the ZIP as an archived update site with the eclipse update manager. Finally, to get the source, use anonymous access with the subversion respository at https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/codegenclipse

Getting started with the CodeGenJostraca plugin

To get started using this plugin use the instructions below:

1.Install CodeGenJostraca from the updatesite if you haven't done this already (see the section above for instructions)
2.Create a (Java) project. Other project types may (or may not) be supported.
3.Right click on project and select "Add/Remove CodeGenClipse Nature" (one time only)!
4.Open new/other/CodeGenClipse/Jostraca Java Template
5.Fillout template filename (must end with *.jtm) and select Finish.
6.Optionally, right-click on the template file or its folder/project and select properties/Jostraca. Modify the properties to change how Jostraca or the codewriteres should be run
7.Make the changes you want to the new template file and press CTRL-S for save
8.That's it. If you did not make any errors you generated output should appear in your project (in addition to the codewriter).

For additional getting started information and troubleshooting refer to the integrated eclipse help documentation.

The CodeGenClipse plugin

This plugin may be used by plugin developers of code generation tools. For details refer to the developer information documentation bundled with the eclipse help for the project (currently bundled with the jostraca plugin). Feel free to contact the author for additional info.

Important - Requirements and release notes

The plugins require Eclipse 3.1.2 or later, running Java JRE/JDK 1.5 or later! The plugins have currently been tested in Win XP only but they should work on other platforms.
Jostraca templatescripts languages other then java, require that you have the appropriate tools on your path and/or project classpath! Currently, only the java, ruby and python templatescript languages have been tested.

About the authors

The eclipse plugins was written by Morten M. Christensen, a freelance software architect/developer from Denmark. (blog)
The Jostraca code generator used by CodeGenJostraca was written by Richard Rodger etc.